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Terms of Payment:
Payment to Ardy Electronics Ltd Hong Kong shall be effected by advance payment transfer or an Irrevocable Letter of Credit, ILC, confirmed by our Bank 40% payable on the date of confirmation of ILC, 60% payable against presentation of the following original documents to the bank on date of delivery; a) Signed commercial invoice, b) Packing list (number and contents), c) Airway bills. All bank costs for the ILC shall be paid by the customer.

Terms of Delivery:
Customer shall sign purchase contract with Ardy Electronics Ltd, Hong Kong. Terms of delivery ex work our factory in Sweden. Last day of first part delivery is 20 weeks after received payment. Freight, packing, insurance and costs for Insurance of the shipment shall be paid by the customer. The possession right, ownership of the goods will be transferred from Ardy Electronics Ltd to the customer after done full payment and shipment of the goods.

Other terms:
All bank charges including insurance and courier charges are for the customers account.

Price List.
Price list for the Ardy Electronics Ltd products is based on the Swedish price in SEK and can be changed from time to time according to fluctuations in the exchange rate between US dollars and SEK Swedish Kronor.

Freight costs.
Freight cost for the shipment shall be paid by the customer and shall be included in the total contract amount but can be changed depending on the requirements for shipment from the customer.

VAT and Customs fees.
VAT and Customs fees will be charged the customer in the purchasing country and is not included in the purchase contract.

Insurance of the shipment.
Insurance of the shipment shall be paid by the customer with full value of the shipped products.

Ownership of the products:
The ownership of the product for each shipment belongs to Ardy Electronics Ltd until full payment has been done.

The products from Ardy Electronics Ltd have 12 months guarantee from day of shipment. After 12 months has expired the products can be sent for repair to our Swedish Service and Support department. Cost for each repair will be according to our pricelist for spare parts.

Confidential Information.
Except as otherwise provided in the purchase contract, Ardy Electronics Ltd agrees not to disclose any Confidential Information about the Customer, and the Customer agrees not to disclose any Confidential Information about Ardy Electronics Ltd. Ardy Electronics Ltd and the Customer agrees to take all reasonable steps to keep this agreement and the Confidential Information of the other party confidential.