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Facsimile Monitoring System, FDA, is a complete system for monitoring telefax, data and voice communication. The phone line communication is recorded on a DAT-recorder or Hard-Disc for permanent storage. The telefax messages can be transferred to a personal computer for later analyze.  
Welcome to Oscar- 5000, the most technologically advanced counter surveillance detection system on the market today. When sensitive information is critical to your success, the Oscar is the only product that provides an automatic, reliable and cost effective means of protecting your business environment 24 hours a day. Oscar is designed to detect all major types of audio and video transmitter including RF, carrier current, and infrared. Oscar provides a compact "carry-on" piece of equipment for Automated Spectrum Monitoring and In-Place RF Monitoring. Frequencies between 10 kHz and 21 GHz if the attached antenna is used.  
Non Linear Junction Detector Pro is capable of discovering the whereabouts of electronic circuitry incorporating transistors and diodes (non-linear functions) whether or not circuits are under power or in operation at the time. It is invaluable tool for Defensive Search (EOD and ECM).  
Security Safe for Keys and Medicine. Take a look at our new high tech Safes for keys and medicine with electronic loggers LAN and WAN access. Keep your keys and belongings Safe.